Product dedicated to work with the measuring module ADA-401WP
Digital environmental parameters sensor

Digital environmental parameters sensor* The prices are given in the response to the offer.
DES-300 Sensor is used to for measurement of environmental parameters like temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, illumination, concentration of CO2 in:
  • premises with structured cabling,
  • offices with the use of structured cabling,
  • flats,
  • houses.
via the serial 1-WIRE Bus.
Application of 1-Wire bus enables:
  • the cooperation of many sensors connected to the same data lines,
  • the deployment of sensors in various locations up to 300m,
  • powering the sensors from the bus,
  • correct transmission of measurement data secure check sum CRC.
DES-300 Sensor can be installed on wiring recessed cans or on the walls.

DES-300 sensor cooperates with 1-WIRE devices used for creation of monitoring and control systems for environmental parameters: