Measuring Module 1-WIRE to MODBUS-RTU

Measuring Module 1-WIRE to MODBUS-RTU* The prices are given in the response to the offer.
The use of 1-WIRE digital sensors eliminates the influence of cable length on the measurement process that usual affects analog methods of temperature, humidity or pressure measurement and signal processing. Digital sensors transmit the measure value by data transfer protocol and this simplifies connection wiring of a large number of sensors and improves the detection of faulty components. Traditionally, it has been difficult to operate 1-WIRE data bus sensors in industrial environments. The solution to this problem is ADA-401WP addressable measurement module with MODBUS-RTU protocol. The ADA-401WP is robust and modular in design to operate 1-WIRE sensors in a industrial controller environment.
Using ADA-401WP as a addressable node of 1-WIRE bus lets extend the distance up to 1200m between 1-WIRE devices and PC (with monitoring software) or other MASTER type device (PLC controller). Additional converter like ADA-I1040 (RS232 to RS485) or ADA-I9140 (USB to RS485) enables monitoring of the modules via RS232 or USB interface of PC with software as AdaUtil or FreeSCADA. Using:
- the ADA-4040 repeater to connect another 32 modules and extend RS485 bus up to 1200m,
- the ADA-4044H HUB RS485, to connect up to 128 modules, change RS485 bus topology from linear to star - Each arm of the star can have length 1200 meters
- ETHERNET to RS485 converter (ADA-13040) or Wi-Fi to RS485/422 converter (ADA-14040) you can connect ADA-401WP modules of any location to monitoring or controlling systems.
The ADA-401WP offers a low power wide input voltage range from an external source of greater than 10V to a maximum of 30V and can be delivered from power pack (e.g. ADA-SPS240040D1). The module has built in reverse polarity protection to protection against opposite polarization of power supply.
Example of connection the module ADA-401wp