How to buy




CEL-MAR provides two-year warranty for equipment manufactured under the following conditions.

  1. If the product is damaged or does not work according to the instructions, it will be repaired or replaced on the terms described below.
  2. The user of our equipment should keep the warranty card or the invoice, if the warranty card has not been issued.
  3. Warranty and post-warranty repairs are carried out only at the CEL-MAR company headquarters.
  4. Customers having problems with the device, before it is delivered to the repair please contact us by phone or e-mail of our Sales Department or Technical.In many cases, malfunction caused by incorrect configuration of hardware or software, improper use of the software. In such situations, we can help without providing a device to our company.
  5. All warranty and post-warranty repairs must be shipped with freight prepaid and insured to the company CEL-MAR after informing the Commercial or Technical department at the following address:

    CEL-MAR sp.j.
    Sciegiennego 219c str.
    25-116 Kielce, POLAND

    In case of not meet this condition, the consignment can be unclaimed by CEL-MAR.
  6. Warranty repair is performed:
    • during 2 weeks
    • during 6 weeks – as far as, for technical reasons it is necessary to order the elements which are currently not in stock.
  7. The warranty is not longer valid if:

    a) breaking the guarantee seals,
    b) damage resulting from natural wear the device or its components,
    c) damages of mechanical and electrical the device,
    d) damage resulting from misuse, not in accordance with user manual, eg .:

    - damage resulting from exceeding the acceptable range of input signals,
    - damage resulting from a larger than the permissible load output circuits,
    - damage resulting from exceeding the acceptable range of voltages,
    - etc.,

    d) damage from flooding, dustiness,
    e) unauthorized changes or modifications
    f) damage caused by due to fortuitous events:

    - atmospheric discharge,
    - flooding,
    - fire,
    - etc.

  8. The warranty does not cover software.
  9. Customers who detect the malfunction of the software are kindly requested as soon as possible to inform the company CEL-MAR.
  10. Please treat the above-mentioned causes of damage to the device as recommendations on how to use. Avoiding situations listed above will provide a long and trouble-free operation and protect against unnecessary expenditure on repairs not covered by warranty.
  11. Post-warranty repair quotation will determine CEL-MAR.
  12. CEL-MAR Company assumes no responsibility for arising damages and losses including:

    - loss of profits,
    - loss of data,
    - monetary losses resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

  13. Company CEL-MAR in specific cases, will cancel all warranties, at failure to observe user manual and do not accept the conditions of the guarantee by the user.
  14. Warranty card is replaced by the invoice, the label on the device with the date of manufacture and serial number.


Is possible to rent equipment for testing. For information contact the sales department. Inquiries should be sent to:
T: +48 41 362-12-46 ext. 201