About As
Zakład Informatyki i Elektroniki - CEL-MAR sp.j. company specialize in the designing and production of comprehensive solutions of the series data transmission devices (converters, separators, HUBs and other). We produce reliable and unusual solutions which take the liberty of integrate devices with different interfaces of one industrial network.
Interface converters of RS232, RS485, RS422, current Loop (CL), fibre-optic (FO), ETHERNET build equipment layer of the network integration. However addressable converters, baud rate and protocols take the liberty of integration of devices working with different speeds for transmission or protocols.
Our devices found application:
  1. in systems of railway automation,
  2. in systems of industrial automation,
  3. in systems of telemechanics,
  4. in systems of access control,
  5. at linking cash registers, electronic scales and other,
  6. of drivers service, measuring converters, cash registers, electronic scales and other