SunMaster to MODBUS-RTU Protocol Converter

SunMaster to MODBUS-RTU Protocol Converter* The prices are given in the response to the offer.

Protocol converter SunMaster to MODBUS-RTU ADA-4040PC3 is a device solves a problem of connection Inverters of MASTERVOLT* company, communicate by SunMaster protocol, to multipoint RS-485 bus with devices communicate by MODBUS- RTU protocol. Simultaneously, the converter can convert baud rate and format of transmitted data between port of SunMaster protocol and port of MODBUS-RTU protocol. Depending on configurations, can be set baud rate, data bits, parity, number of stop bits. The setting can be different for SunMaster port and MODBUS-RTU port. Additionally, ADA-4040PC3 separates SunMaster Inverter from RS485 bus. Galvanic isolation of ADA-4040PC3, protect the system structured on RS422/485 bus and increases its reliability.
ADA-4040PC3 supports the asynchronous baud rate up to 230.4 kbps through four or two pairs of twisted-pair cables connected to screw terminals. The converter use RX+, RX-, TX+/A, TX-/B lines for functioning. It is possible to connect 32 devises to RS485/RS422 network constructed on base of ADA-4040PC3, working at the half duplex or full duplex mode. Over-voltage protection on each RS485/RS422 line was made on base of 600W over-voltage led and fuses.
* - Names of companies and logotypes have been used only for informational purposes.
Example of connetion ADA-4040PC3