RS-485 / RS-422 to RS-232 Converter

RS-485 / RS-422 to RS-232 Converter

68 ,00 EUR net*

* price for v. 4010-1-2-3
The ADA-4010 converter is used for changing RS485/422 standard to RS232 without influence on transmitting data format. Converter not required power supply form RS232 port for operating, supports asynchronous RS232 data transmission with baudrate 230,4 kbps by a single or two pairs of twisted pair cable of RS485/422 interface. The ADA-4010 has screw terminal block for connection of RS485/RS422, RS232 and power supply.
The device use for opperationg only RX, TX, RTS and GND signals, connected by screw terminal block. RTS signal is looped with CTS inside the converter and signal DTR with DSR. Other signals are not connected. If it is not need of looping those signals, can not connect RTS or DTR to terminal block.
Voltage protection on each line of RS485/422 is made on the basis of Surge protected diodes and fuses.
It is possible to connect 32 devices to RS485/422 bus, created on the base of ADA-4010, operating in the modes: - half duplex (request / response) on the 2 or 4-wire multipoint bus, - full duplex 4-wire bus