RS-485 / RS-422 repeater

RS-485 / RS-422 repeater

78 ,00 EUR net*

* price for v. 4040-1-2-3

The ADA-4040 separator-repeater is a device used for separation and extension of RS485/422 bus, about next segment 1200m (without interference with data format). The distance is being reduced in case of large baud rate (over 115,2 Kb). The separator-repeater can be used for communication with other, remote devices with RS485/422 interface eg controllers or scales; using the lines RX+,RX-,TX+/A,TX-/B.
The ADA-4040 transmits data at baud rate up to 230,4 kbps, through four or two twisted-pair connected to a terminal block. To RS485/422 bus created by the use ADA-4040, it is possible to connect 32 devices, operating in half duplex or full duplex mode. The 1kVDC or 3kVDC galvanic isolation and ~3kVDC optoisolation in signals line separate RS1/OUT (RS485/RS422) interface from RS2/IN (RS485/RS422) interface. Protect a device connected to RS2/IN from overvoltage, which appear on RS485/422 bus, connected to RS1/OUT and in the power-circuit.
Over-voltage protection on each RS485/422 lines, was made on the base overvoltage LEDs and the fuses. The ADA-4040 should be powered from the power supply stabilized voltage with a voltage in the range 10 - 30 VDC and minimum power 2W.