Multimode Multidrop Fiber Optic to RS-232 Converter

Multimode Multidrop Fiber Optic to RS-232 Converter* The prices are given in the response to the offer.
Multidrop fiber optic converter ADA-7210 is a device that allows to construct of fiber-optic networks, used for connection of devices with RS-232 interface, far removed from each other such as halls, buildings and other objects. Optic signal conversion to RS-232 takes place without interference with the data format. The use of fiber optics provides complete isolation between connected devices and resistance to interference on the transmission bus. The fiber connection is implemented by a line consisting of two fibers. The ADA-7210 can be used for extend fiber optic bus by a distance 2500m because it is also the fiber optic repeater.
The ADA-7210 does not require for work the power supply from the RS-232 port, supports asynchronous transmission RS232 baud rates up to 230.4 Kbps. The converter is equipped with screw terminal for RS-232 connections and power supply. The unit to operate use only the RX and TX signals entered by terminal block. RTS signal is looped inside the converter with CTS and DTR to DSR. If is not needed to loop them, the signals RTS or DTR can not be connected the to the terminal block.