RS232 to Current Loop Converter

RS232 to Current Loop Converter

82 ,00 EUR net*

* price for v. 1020-1-1-2-3
ADA-1020 converter is a device used to convert the RS232 to current loop standard without interfering with the format of transmitted data and does not require the power supplying from the RS232 port. The converter supports RS232 asynchronous data transmission at baud rate up to 38.4 kbps via two pairs of twisted-pair cable.
ADA-1020 is equipped with one female DB-9F connection to connect RS232 interface and screw terminal block for connection of Current Loop bus and power supply. Connector DB-9F RS232 interface is made like DCE, it let connect converter to computer in use the typical extension cable RS232 (cable for modem connection) without crossing Tx with Rx and RTS with CTS.
Converter uses signals Rx, Tx and GND for operating, which are entered via DB-9F connector. RTS signal is looped with CTS and DTR with DSR and DCD inside the converter. Other signals are not connected.
You can connect to the Current Loop line two ADA-1020 converters operates in full duplex or half duplex mode in point-to-point topology.
Example of connection ADA-1020 converter