Addressable RS-485 / RS-422 to Current Loop Baud Rate Converter

Addressable RS-485 / RS-422 to Current Loop Baud Rate Converter

110 ,00 EUR net*

* price for v. 4020A-1-2-2-3
ADA-4020A addressable converter is device solving the problem of connecting no addressable devices equipped with the Current Loop interface to multi-point RS485 bus by adding the address to RS232 device. At the same time converter turns RS485/422 standard to Current Loop standard with possibility of interference with the format of transmitted data. It can be set baud rate, number of data bites, control parity and number of stop bits depend on configuration. The setting can be different for Current Loop port and RS485/422 port.
Converter supports asynchronous baud rate up to 230,4 kbps throughone or two pair of twisted cable of RS485/422 interface and up to 38,4 kpbs on 4-wire Current Loop bus.ADA-4020A is equipped with screw terminal block for connection of Current Loop, RS485/422 and power supply. Surge protection on each RS485/422 line been based on diode suppressors and fuses.
It is possible to connect 32 devices to RS485/422 bus, created on the base of ADA-4020A, operating in the modes:
- half duplex (request / response) on the 2 or 4-wire multipoint bus,
- full duplex 4-wire bus.
To Current Loop bus it is possible to connect 2 devices operating in half duplex mode or full duplex.
This converter has internal, low energy surge protection for each Current Loop lines however it is recommended to use the external lightning arresters (typical protection of telephone line) for the lightning protection of lines.