RS422 to 1-WIRE Converter

RS422 to 1-WIRE Converter* The prices are given in the response to the offer.
The ADA-401W industrial converter for general use, allows connection several circuits with 1-Wire interface, such as temperature measurement systems, real time clocks, EPROM, A/C, etc. to a common 1-Wire bus far away from the Master device (up to 1200m).
The transition from the 1-Wire interface to RS-422 interface on ADA-401W, provides system DS2480B and level converter TTL to RS-422. This relieves the user from having to be in a quite a complicated 1-Wire protocol.
The using of an additional converter RS-422 to RS-232 (eg, ADA-1040) allows monitoring and / or control systems 1-Wire via RS-232 interface on a PC equipped with the appropriate software. CEL-MAR provides sample applications for the visualization of temperature measurement named Lämpömittari by Timo Sara-aho. The program works with systems to measure temperature eg DS18S20. In the configuration settings of Lämpömittariin the section MicroLAN use the symbol DS9097U adapter. ADA-401W is equipped with screw terminal block for twisted connections of 1-Wire bus and RS-422 and for power supply. Over-voltage protection on each RS-422 line was made on base over-voltage LEDs and fuses.
ADA-401W is designed for power from an external DC voltage source whose value should be in the range of 10V to 30V and it was supplied from the AC power 3W min. It also has built-in protection against reverse polarity power supply.
Example of connection ADA-401W converter