108 ,00 EUR net*

* price for v. 4040PC1-1-23

Protocol converter MODBUS-ASCII to MODBUS-RTU ADA-4040PC1 is a device solves a problem of connection RS484/RS422 devices (communication MODBUS-ASCII protocol) to multipoint RS-485 bus with devices communicate by MODBUS-ASCII protocol.
Simultaneously, the converter can convert baud rate and format of transmitted data. Depending on configurations, can be set baud rate, data bits, parity, number of stop bits. The setting can be different for MODBUS-ASCII port and MODBUS-RTU port.
The convert allows connect RS422 devices to RS485 bus without any collisions. Additionally, ADA-4040PC1 separates devices connected to RS485 bus. Galvanic isolation of ADA-4040PC1, protect the system structured on RS422/485 bus and increases its reliability.
ADA-4040PC supports the asynchronous baud rate up to 230.4 kbps through four or two pairs of twisted-pair cables connected to screw terminals. The converter use RX+, RX-, TX+/A, TX-/B lines for functioning. It is possible to connect 32 devises to RS485/RS422 network constructed on base of ADA-4040PC1, working at the half duplex or full duplex mode. Over-voltage protection on each RS485/RS422 line was made on base of 600W over-voltage led and fuses.